As your State Representative, I am committed to serving as a voice for you, a vote for Milford at the State House.  My experience as your State Representative, along with my prior experiences as senior level business executive, preschool teacher, and community volunteer, have helped me become an effective advocate, responsible decision-maker, and trustworthy leader.  IMG_6150With my collaborative approach, I will continue to develop creative solutions and support smart policies that better serve you,  Milford, and New Hampshire.

In addition to my work at the State House, I remain active as a community volunteer to make Milford and our Souhegan Valley community a better place:

Recent Award:

New Futures 2019 Legislator of the Year

“Representative Martin is a reliable and dedicated legislator who prioritizes the well-being of all Granite Staters”, said Michele Merritt, CEO and President of New Futures. “Her collaborative approach and commitment to bipartisanship have been essential to achieving meaningful policy change for New Hampshire.”

Community testimonials

She Puts Our Agenda Ahead of Her Own

“Hey Milford! It’s time to forget about partisan politics and do something for yourself, your children and your town. Vote Joelle Martin for State Rep. Joelle is a friend of mine and a fellow board member at the Boys and Girls Club of Souhegan Valley.
She is committed to promote Milford’s well-being and is interested in you and and your children and cares about what you have to say, irrespective of your party affiliation. She is one of the few people running for state rep that puts our agenda ahead of her own.

VOTE Joelle Martin for State Rep!”

Alan Woolfson, Milford

Support Martin as Milford Rep

To the Editor:

We recently had the great pleasure of talking at length with Joelle Martin, a Milford resident running to represent Milford residents as a District 23 representative.

To start, this was the first time in almost 30 years of living in town that we were personally approached by a candidate for state office. At no time during any previous election cycle has someone wanting our votes actually sought our opinions. This makes quite an impression.

What we learned from Ms. Martin is that she will be a passionate advocate on behalf of Milford residents. She describes herself as “purple” – neither wholly red or blue – and thus willing to listen to both sides and seek out ways to improve our educational, economic, environmental and social challenges. Her years of experience in a high-powered business world gives her the insight to understand that local economic growth helps everyone. A career switch to education has given her knowledge of opportunities available to improve our schools if there is someone willing to build partnerships and cooperation. She is also very concerned that our local law enforcement professionals have the resources to battle the State’s opioid crisis, which affects all aspects of community.

In visiting with Joelle, we realized that there is very little or no communication coming back to us from our elected officials. Although we take some blame as more effort can be made to follow how our representatives vote on issues, but why haven’t there been websites, or newspaper columns, or other media sources telling us what these reps are doing, and how they are voting?? Joelle aims to greatly improve communication channels with her constituents to fill this void.

Joelle has been actively canvassing door-to-door listening to Milford voters. She was not hand-picked by the ‘establishment’ to tow the party line. She is sincere, intelligent, and energetic and wants to truly represent Milford in Concord. She has our vote.

Bill and Kathy Parker                                                                                                                                                                              Milford

as published in The Cabinet

Thank you, Andy Hughes for your letter to the editor in a recent edition of The Cabinet, “Candidates Should Follow Joelle Martin’s Example.”