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Thank you, Bill and Kathy Parker, for your letter to the editor in the November 3rd edition of The Cabinet.

Support Martin as Milford Rep

To the Editor:

We recently had the great pleasure of talking at length with Joelle Martin, a Milford resident running to represent Milford residents as a District 23 representative.

To start, this was the first time in almost 30 years of living in town that we were personally approached by a candidate for state office. At no time during any previous election cycle has someone wanting our votes actually sought our opinions. This makes quite an impression.

What we learned from Ms. Martin is that she will be a passionate advocate on behalf of Milford residents. She describes herself as “purple” – neither wholly red or blue – and thus willing to listen to both sides and seek out ways to improve our educational, economic, environmental and social challenges. Her years of experience in a high-powered business world gives her the insight to understand that local economic growth helps everyone. A career switch to education has given her knowledge of opportunities available to improve our schools if there is someone willing to build partnerships and cooperation. She is also very concerned that our local law enforcement professionals have the resources to battle the State’s opioid crisis, which affects all aspects of community.

In visiting with Joelle, we realized that there is very little or no communication coming back to us from our elected officials. Although we take some blame as more effort can be made to follow how our representatives vote on issues, but why haven’t there been websites, or newspaper columns, or other media sources telling us what these reps are doing, and how they are voting?? Joelle aims to greatly improve communication channels with her constituents to fill this void.

Joelle has been actively canvassing door-to-door listening to Milford voters. She was not hand-picked by the ‘establishment’ to tow the party line. She is sincere, intelligent, and energetic and wants to truly represent Milford in Concord. She has our vote.  \

Bill and Kathy Parker                                                                                                                                                                              Milford


Thank you, Andy Hughes, for your letter to the editor in the October 20th edition of The Cabinet.

Candidates Should Follow Joelle Martin’s Example

To the Editor:

I find the tone of the current elec­tions, from the top of the ticket down, to be tiresome, polarized and dysfunc­tional. Issues are no longer discussed and debated; they are argued and personalized. Everyone seems to be shouting. Few are listening, and those who try are just getting a headache.

It is with this in mind that I felt it important to take a moment to say how refreshing I found state representa­tive candidate Joelle Martin’s recent letter to The Cabinet. The idea that a representative will want to listen to constituents and meet the members of the other party “in the middle” rather than just head off to Concord to pull whatever ideological lever the given party instructs is reflective of basic representative democracy. Sadly, it is a far cry from what we as a country seem to be devolving toward.

Martin mentions in her letter that current representatives failed to sup­port bipartisan legislation that would have addressed our crises in health care and drug abuse. I looked it up, it is there. Frankly, I would argue that whichever side of the aisle you find yourself, ideology for ideology’s sake at the expense of our neighbors is not ef­fective or representative government.

We need more candidates like Jo­elle Martin. Period.

Andy Hughes 



In the September 26th issue of The Cabinet, my editorial highlighted one of the key reasons I’m running for office.  In Meet Me in the Middle, in the “Purple,” I explained:

“When it comes to making state policy decisions that impact our community, we need to put political ideology aside, listen to our Milford neighbors’ needs and struggles, and then collaborate to make the right decisions to support them…”    For the full article, click here.